Signs There May Be A Problem With Your Pregnancy

There are numerous old wives’ tales floating around about pregnancy. You don’t want to be hurting your baby due to misinformation. This article is filled with useful tips that will help you understand the entire process.

Be aware of premature labor symptoms. Be as knowledgeable as you can on the subject, so you can know when calling the doctor is needed.

Cat Litter

Be sure not to tend to cat litter when you are pregnant. Avoid the cat litter box due to the danger of contracting toxoplasmosis. Cats host the parasite, and if an infected mother passes it on to her fetus, the consequences may include miscarriage, stillbirth, or birth defects.

If an illness during pregnancy causes diarrhea, make sure to increase the amount of water you drink. Everyone can get dehydrated when they have diarrhea. Pregnant women can end up in the hospital if they do not stay hydrated when pregnant.

Skip out on the sauna or hot tub while you are pregnant. With the extra stress on your body, it is easy for you to get overheated. This temperature change can negatively affect your baby. Also, try to avoid oils at spas, as this can cause you to contract. Rosemary, juniper, and clary sage are the worst offenders, so avoid them at all costs.

Pregnant women should switch to wearing sports bras. The added support will fight against aches and pains. It is also wise to make sure that your panties have enough room to accommodate your larger waist. If your underwear presses too tightly against your waist, it is not only uncomfortable for you, but can be dangerous for your baby, as he/she may not be able to get enough oxygen.

You can increase how long your maternity pants will last for. Just use an elastic tie (like your hair tie) and loop it through your button hole, and then again over the button. Then zip the pants up as far as they will go! Then, wear a long shirt that covers your pants. This will help you keep from buying so many maternity clothes.

During pregnancy, there are a few foods you need to avoid to keep your baby safe. Foods to avoid include unpasteurized milk, soft cheese, and raw seafood.

Salicylic Acid

The popular acne treatment salicylic acid should not be used during pregnancy. The risks to your child far outweigh the exfoliating and cleansing effects of this medication. Salicylic acid can cause birth defects, so you should avoid it. Instead, you can use mild cleansers daily to help get rid of acne and prevent new breakouts.

If you are pregnant in the summer, and spend time outdoors, it is important to use a higher sunscreen than you normally do. The sun’s rays promote melanin production, which leads to a condition called “pregnancy mask.” Your skin will look red, especially the face, and you can prevent this with a good sunscreen.

Make sure you are drinking a lot of water, preferably a minimum of eight glasses per day. This can curtail your cravings to overeat during the day. Sometimes, thirst disguises itself as hunger. If it has been less than a two or three hours since your last meal, grab some water rather than a snack.

While you are pregnant, everything that you eat is also transferred to the baby. This makes it extremely vital that you avoid harmful substances such as tobacco, drugs and alcohol. By doing these things, your baby could develop extreme health problems down the road.

Talk to your doctor before having a baby. This can help you figure out more about your health. This knowledge could assist you in getting pregnant quicker, and also ensure that your pregnancy is healthy.

When you are newly pregnant, the unknown can be a little intimidating. As you have seen from this piece, the tips and advice are varied, and this collection should help you on your way.